Bob, America

I am still using the win98se OS . I am an A+ cert. Tech now. I got RR before all that and thought it was great at freeing up ram. It’s funny though now that i understand how the computer works i think of it as an excellent idea and still use it. two thumbs up.

Antonio Gomes, Portugal

Why I Use Release Ram?
I noticed that Release Ram helps to make the Windows System more stabilized. I use Windows XP FAT 32, now. I have a pentium IV, 1.70 Ghz with 352 MB of RAM. and a disk of 40 GB Before I use Release Ram a lot of times there were crashes with windows explorer when i accessed to the start menu programs. Besides this it helps to have a lot of programs open at the same time (MSN messenger, firewall, chat, I.E., OE, anti virus, Release Ram, and winamp, for example) without problems of working. It is why I have Release Ram working all the time and with the Auto-Detection Active. For example it has detected and released RAm 6 times since 31.12.03

Jake, U.S.A.

I have been using RR for a few years and would not go without it. It is well designed, easy to use for novices and has exceptionally good features for advanced settings. Once I set RR up on my Windows XP, it runs unobtrusively in the background doing a spectacular job. I highly recommend it for power surfers,gamers, multi-tasking etc. It is superb and keeps my RAM always at an optimum level. A solid piece of software that I rate as 5 STAR.

Geoff, UK

Without a doubt the best thing I have tried for the problems I have with Win ME – and in my opinion the only one out there worth paying for! The thing is – can it be improved even further? (Eagerly awaiting update/new version).

GeorgeC, USA

I had ReleaseRam back when I was running Win 95, then Win 98. When I built the new computer, I packed in a full gig of DDR RAM, figured I didn’t need Release Ram anymore, but I was wrong. I do video capture and convert my VHS tapes to DVD’s. Just installed ReleaseRam for Win XP, it’s great!!

Russ, USA

I am running Windows ME on a 128 meg Pentium II machine. I investigated Relase Ram upon the recommendation of the support staff at MAILWASHER. It certainly has greatly reduced the number of hangs and crashes that I experience. It works well enough that I purchased it and also plan to use it on my new XP machine. Thanks, RR. Russ

P Bygrave, UK

I use windows 98. Only this morning my programme freezed up so this testimonial is right up to date. When I checked the percentage of memory I had left on Release Ram I saw that it was 0%! I quickly pressed the ‘Free up RAM now’ button and immediately my programme unfreezed. It increased my memory to 50%. I would have had a long time to wait if I had not have used Release Ram. Thank you for it. It’s great.

Wills, Australia

I first started using RR with my WinME machine, because of all the freezes & BSOD’s I was getting. I had good specs on that PC too. Anyway, as soon as I allowed RR to look after the ram on that machine, NO MORE PROBLEMS. Then a major hiccup caused me to upgrade to XP Pro. GOOD MOVE!! AMD Athlon XP2200+, 512MB, 40 & a 60Gb drive, GEf4 4200Ti with agp8X are some of the specs. So I updated my RR to XP version, & again I have had no problems. RR has saved me many times from crashing, because sometimes when you are concentrating on what you are doing, you may not realise your ram is running out!! I once got down to the lowest limit I had set RR to kick in, 60Mb, (intense session!!) & it kicked in for a wee bit, then bingo I had 180Mb back. Did a manual kick, & got another 30Mb. Closed a few apps, kicked RR again & got another 9Mbs!!
Back to work. No worries mate.
Release Ram, I love it!! & recommend you at least try it!!

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